Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Possible Issues with Various Procedures for Renal Disease

Experience with patients who have undergone LAGB has shown that it is
possible for patients to consume too many calories by consuming liquids with
meals or eating high-calorie foods. This procedure does not produce
“dumping” symptoms that are more common with RYGB patients after eating
high-sugar/fatty foods.So, for patients who have a tendency to eat
these types of foods or to snack frequently, this procedure can be less
effective than others.

With RYGB being a malabsorptive procedure, there is potential for poor
absorption of many nutrients. Additionally, some dialysis patients have
difficulty maintaining a good nutritional status (e.g., adequate serum
albumin and hemoglobin), and this type of surgery may present increased risk
for malnutrition.

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