Friday, July 29, 2016

The Pokémon Cure?

Earlier this week we came across a Forbes piece entitled 'Pokémon GO' May Be This Generation's Cure For Obesity." The article describes how it's writer, who was apparently so uninterested in exercise he had, it appears, broken up with a girlfriend rather than accompany her to the gym, starting walking more than he was used to while playing the game. It doesn't really explain how the game could be any kind of a cure for obesity.

Now, don't get us wrong, we strongly encourage our patients at Dr. Feiz & Associates to exercise in any way that they can, and walking is great. It can definitely help with weight loss somewhat, but its health benefits go far beyond the relatively very few calories we burn off when we exert ourselves. At the same time, there are more studies indicating that exercise might be more important for helping to reverse the bad health outcomes of obesity rather than actually causing weight loss.

The point here is that some non-obese readers will undoubtedly argue that people who obtain a bariatric surgery are somehow being lazy because, they might say, all obese individuals really need to do is to find a reason to get out more and walk. The problem is that exercise, as wonderful as it is for both our physical and mental health, does little to reduce the desire to overeat that motivates our patients to get such procedures as the gastric sleeve.

Of course, anything that motivates people to exercise, including Pokémon GO, is a good thing. For children, it's possible the game could be very useful we're sure, in terms of getting kids in the habit of exercising, and possibly could help prevent obesity in adulthood. But, at least for adults, whose weight and eating habits are pretty much set, we're pretty sure a video game craze is not going to single-handedly cure many cases of severe obesity. On the other hand, if an obese person starts exercising more because of the game and continues the habit throughout their life, it really could be a lifesaver. So, we're definitely for people going out in search of cute monsters if that's what gets them to take a walk...just don't expect capturing that capturing Pikachu will make you thin!

Friday, July 22, 2016

An Active Life

We all know that exercise has a variety of health benefits. It can help with weight loss and improve the appearance of our bodies. However, severely obese patients oftentimes struggle to engage in physical activity that can help them reach their weight loss goals. That's why, we at Dr. Feiz & Associates recommend bariatric surgery to our qualifying patients. Besides the proven health benefits provided by weight loss surgery, losing a significant amount of weight also makes engaging in exercise a possibility for the patient.

In addition, increased mobility also motivates a severely obese patient to engage in social interactions that they might ordinarily shy away from. Indeed, a great improvement in the overall quality of life can be possible with a bariatric surgery.

At Dr. Feiz & Associates, we know that losing weight is not just about looking good. Helping our patients feel happy and healthy is also a big part of our focus. Our cutting-edge weight loss surgery procedures, such as the gastric sleeve, can help a patient do more than successfully lose weight. Changing your life with weight loss surgery is possible and we are here to help.

Friday, July 15, 2016

A New and Improved Quality of Life

It is common knowledge that obesity can significantly reduce the quality of a person's life. Excess weight can make it physically difficult to complete simple daily tasks and the variety of health conditions that obesity is linked to can prevent individuals from leading happy and healthy lives. That's why, we at Dr. Feiz & Associates are dedicated to helping those that need to lose a significant amount of weight through our various cutting-edge and extremely effective weight loss surgery procedures.

There is no doubt that diet and exercise are an important part of losing weight. However, for many reasons, individuals who are severely obese may find it difficult to stick to an effective diet plan and may also be physically unable to exercise. With the help of bariatric surgery, diet and exercise become easily achievable and an individual can then begin their life-changing journey towards a long-lasting weight loss.

We at Dr. Feiz & Associates have an outstanding group of highly experienced and extremely skilled medical staff that provide support to our patients every step of the way. Although several of our proven and cutting-edge weight loss procedures like the gastric sleeve help a patient effectively lose weight and look amazing, weight loss surgery is also likely to drastically improve their overall quality of life with the numerous health benefits they can experience.

At Dr. Feiz & Associates, we care about improving all aspects of our patients' lives through weight loss surgery. It's always amazing to hear how our patients are able to enjoy physical activities, see their children and grandchildren grow and feel happy and healthy after undergoing weight loss surgery. We understand that weight loss is not just about looking good, it's about feeling your best and enjoying what life has to offer.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Tips and Tricks

Most of the people who come to us here at Dr. Feiz & Associates have tried just about every approach to weight loss there is before finally deciding to take the surgical route. Indeed, as effective and safe as bariatric surgery now is, it's not surprising that most people would prefer to take some other approach to weight loss. It's a major step that alters the body in a very real way.

So. Why do people take this approach. It's not that -- as some might say -- "diet and exercise don't work"; they work great and are, indeed, the only way there is to actually lose weight. It's just that the body and brain are designed to maintain our present weigh, whatever it is, and very, very few of us are able to resist the urge to eat more than we need to lose significant weight, and then to keep on maintaining that weight loss.

Of course, there is an industry devoted to helping people lose weight. Indeed, while tips and tricks, as well as emotional support and coaching, can be somewhat helpful for people trying to lose, say, 10 or 20 pounds, when it comes to really dealing with severe obesity, they are of pretty limited assistance. Right now, however, there is one exception.

Bariatric procedures like a gastric sleeve have helped a great many people to lose weight and keep it off. That's because they actually get to the root of the problem by actually reducing our desire to eat so that we can focus on the task of relearning how to eat property, without being distracted by constant and unending food cravings. It's no trick, but the best tip we have for severely obese people is that it might pay to look into the bariatric approach.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Advice For a Happy and Healthy 4th of July

The 4th of July calls for celebration and relaxation. Family gatherings and barbecues can oftentimes distract us from our healthy diet regimens and, although we may give ourselves permission to eat foods we normally wouldn't eat this coming weekend, it's important to remember not to overdo it. We at Dr. Feiz & Associates emphasize the importance of staying on the right track for your health and ultimate weight loss goals.

Although bariatric surgery makes exercise and eating healthier foods a lot easier for you to incorporate into your daily routine, it's ultimately up to you to keep yourself on the right track. Keeping your weight and health goals in mind throughout the holiday weekend can really help you fight the urge to overindulge in unhealthy foods.

It's also very important to remember to keep a healthy lifestyle year round. You might be on vacation but your health, meal plan and food choices shouldn't be left on the back burner for too long. If you stay on target and continue to make conscious decisions to eat right, you'll definitely be able to fully enjoy any holiday season with your family and loved ones. After all, your health is important to them too!

So whether you're traveling this Independence Day weekend or planning on hosting your own barbecue party at home with your loved ones, don't forget to put your health first. Remember all that you worked hard for and the commitment you made to your health and well-being. Stick to what is best for you and your weight goals and you will stay on the right path. Most importantly, have fun!