Friday, January 25, 2013

Some Bariatric Surgery-Safe Soups

It's been unpleasant the past few days here in Los Angeles: chilly and rainy. As opposed to discussing the latest news about bariatric surgery, we here at Dr. Feiz and Associates will just share a few recipes for some weight loss surgery-friendly soups to get you through this wintery (for California) weekend.

A great recipe, full of vegetables and a lot of protein. Quinoa is a favorite here for sure. Make sure you're ready for solids and tomatoes before partaking, though.

An easier recipe that can be tailored for those who are past the soft-food stage. Pear and butternut squash (which is seasonal right now) sound like an intriguing combination, for sure.

Lentils, full of fiber and protein, are a staple for many patients after bariatric surgery. Feel free to puree this for easier digestion. This is also OK to share with vegetarians!

Helping patients make the correct dietary choices after a weight loss operation—whether it be lap band or gastric sleeve surgery—is an incredibly important part of Dr. Feiz's job. He ensures that every patient who has a question about their new body, whether it's a small question about food or a major health concern, has it answered. That way, none of Dr. Feiz's patients feel alone during their journey for weight loss in Los Angeles. Call Dr. Feiz and Associates today at 310-817-6911 to discuss bariatric surgery options during a free consultation.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Band-to-Sleeve Conversions are Expertly Performed by Dr. Feiz

By now, many of our patients and followers have read about our January Patient Ambassadors, sisters Stacy and Robyn Harris. Both received bariatric surgeries from Dr. Feiz in the recent past. Today, both have reached their weight loss goal, with Stacy losing approximately 85 pounds and Robyn losing about 45 pounds. Congratulations, Harris sisters!

Both patients received gastric sleeve surgeries, but more specifically, Stacy Harris' 2011 surgery with Dr. Feiz was a lap band to sleeve conversion. Several years ago, Stacy received the FDA approved lap band, but in later years, she felt that sleeve gastrectomy was her real weight loss solution. It takes a highly knowledgeable and extremely skilled surgeon to complete the band-to-sleeve revision operation. There is the possibility that scar tissue is present as a result of the band or the chance that the band has eroded over the course of time. Sleeve gastrectomy is offered as a solution to this erosion, and ultimately, for the patient’s permanent weight loss. Bariatric expert Dr. Feiz has performed many successful band-to-sleeve surgeries for patients like Stacy. She and other band-to-sleeve recipients now experience extreme success with gastic sleeve.

To find your ideal bariatric solution, contact Dr. Feiz & Associates today!

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Dubious Power of the Calendar

Talk to anyone who works at a gym and they'll tell you the busiest time of the year is right about now -- and we imagine it's the same for people who work in health food and nutrition stores. The first few weeks at the start of a New Year are always when people suddenly seem to feel the urge to make positive changes in their life such as getting more exercise and eating in a healthier manner. Many of them swear they'll lose X pounds by the end of the following year. Very few even get close to their goal if it's too ambitious.

One problem is that lingering effect of New Year's seems to wear off sometime around Valentine's Day. The fact of the matter is that there would be slightly less need for weight loss surgery if it were easy for us human beings to keep up that somewhat forced burst of energy many of us feel in early January. The problem is that's it's artificial. If you've ever made a truly big change in your life, you know that it has to be powerful and it has to come from within.

Also, of course, some changes are harder to make than others. Making the kind of permanent changes in your dietary habits that are necessary to loose significant amounts of weight -- and to keep it off permanently -- is extremely difficult for reasons that can't be cured by the calendar.  It's just a fact of life that, at least at this point, a sleeve gastrectomy is a vastly more powerful tool for getting patients to significantly reduce their dietary intake than a mere psychological boost from the time of year. The forces that make us want to consume more calories than we actually need are simply too deep and too powerful for most people to fight in a permanent way.

As the saying goes, "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is unable." People may be able to make relatively small improvements on their own, keeping more fit and loosing maybe ten, twenty, or thirty pounds -- and that's great. But it really does appear for the time being that, for the majority of people with truly large amounts of weight to lose, all the calendar-based psychology in the world will never be remotely as effective as obesity surgery.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Bariatric Surgery is Never Just About Looks

Dr. Michael Feiz, leading expert in bariatric surgery, frequently consults with potential weight loss surgery patients in his Los Angeles-based office. While many of these patients are concerned about their physical appearance, they generally seek obesity surgery from Dr. Feiz to have a healthier life. During one of Dr. Feiz' free consultations or seminars, he'll regularly share many of the health benefits from receiving a bariatric procedure.

The following image from the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) shows the full body health results that can be achieved from a weight loss procedure, including sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Dr. Feiz, in his numerous years as a weight loss expert, can back up the claims made in the picture. For example, he'll very often see the cessation of depression issues, sleep apnea, and even diabetes. To learn more, call Dr. Feiz' office at 310-817-6911 or go to to schedule and appointment.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

Friday, January 4, 2013

Patients Develop Healthy Habits During the Post-Surgery Diet

Those who are not familiar with bariatric surgery speculate that once a person undergoes the gastric sleeve surgery, he or she won’t receive adequate nutrition, not only in the first weeks, but into the future. When the patient follows the advice of Dr. Feiz & Associates, he or she will glean all of the necessary nutrients during the post-surgery diet. The dietary directions given by our clinic aren’t just provided to aid a person during the recovery period - or to be a source of frustration - but to recondition the patient so they are not prone to emotional eating or poor dietary choices in the long-run. It’s really about developing healthy habits.

There is definitely a methodology to the post-surgery diet. Dr. Feiz advises the patient to stick with clear fluids for a portion of time, like Jello or diluted juices. Next, the patient is instructed to move on to soft foods. This includes pureed meats, fruits, and vegetables, as well as soups. While puree is not the most exciting texture, proteins and greens must be consumed this way for easy digestion. When the time is right, Dr. Feiz instructs the patient to move on to solid food, with caloric guidelines in place. At this stage, the patient develops a new favorite-foods list and recipe catalog, truly understanding that food can be healthy and delicious.

Postponing gratification in this way benefits our patients for years to come. Remember, sleeve gastrectomy reduces the physical hunger instinct, but it does not clear the patient of bad eating habits. The patient literally restructures the way he or she thinks about food during the post-surgery diet with Dr. Feiz and his staff as a resource at every step.