Friday, September 28, 2012

Lisa Lampanelli Joins List of Celebs Who Have Gotten Bariatric Surgery

You may know Lisa Lampanelli from her stand-up career (she's been on quite a few Comedy Central roasts) or from Celebrity Apprentice (she placed 4th), but now you may know her as something else: successful patient of a sleeve gastrectomy. It's been reported in InTouch Weekly and other publications that she had the procedure in April of this year, saying that "I've tried it all, and there's no shame in taking the next step." Since having the procedure, Lisa Lampanelli has lost 80 pounds and feels "so much healthier."
Ms. Lampanelli in 2011

We here at Dr. Feiz and Associates applaud Ms. Lampanelli for taking the "next step" and reclaiming her health. The procedure she opted for, the gastric sleeve, reduces the size of the stomach surgically. We think this procedure was perfect for Ms. Lampanelli as it not only reduces the capacity for food in the stomach, it also has been shown to reduce the presence of a chemical that causes hunger.

That being said, a gastric sleeve procedure isn't right for every person who is contemplating a lap band procedure.Your unique circumstances could make you a better fit for a lap band or gastric bypass; it really all depends. Luckily, Dr. Feiz is an expert the field of weight loss in Los Angeles and can speak realistically and compassionately to you about your options. Call Dr. Feiz at 800-868-5946 to set up your free consultation to find out what bariatric surgery can do for you.

Friday, September 21, 2012

An Election of Another Sort: Lap Band vs. Gastric Sleeve Surgery

There are two candidates; One is already in place, but the results that candidate promised haven’t really come to fruition (although it’s arguably not the candidate’s fault). The other, the challenger offers solutions of another sort, but there would be some sacrifices. The challenger is dedicated to a quick reduction in the size of the body they will represent.

Before you cast your ballot, make sure you’ve read carefully about the candidates.

Of course this race is between gastric sleeve surgery and another LAP Band to replace the dysfunctional Lap Band you already have in place. If your previous bariatric didn’t make these options clear, or didn’t listen to your medical worries and your weight loss surgery goals, you might be conducting an “election” in your mind. Of course, unlike with the presidential race, there’s the option of choosing neither.

At Dr. Feiz and associates, we don’t often recommend removal without revision if you plan to stay on track toward weight loss. Discomfort with your LAP Band can mean an urgent desire to “just get it out!” but take the long view if you can. Despite the daunting commitment, revision with the gastric sleeve is getting consistently great response from patients.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Doctor, Heal Thyself

It's been a very long time since it was common to see busy doctors chain-smoking as they went through their rounds, but the sad fact of the matter is that many of us docs don't always practice what we preach when it comes to a good diet. The truth of the matter is that no one is perfect all the time and even a pretty good physcian known for his work on weight loss surgery in California (no names!) has been known to indulge in some food items that might be less than completely healthy on rare occasions.

Still, as an article in today's Los Angele Times reminds us, too many doctors regularly indulge in "pizza and burgers" and other highly caloric, high fat foods without much nutritional value -- and with a tendency to producing the kind of serious obesity that all medical professionals are working so hard to combat these days. In fact, a group of researchers have just published a piece in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), specifically calling on doctors to ban together to get hospitals and other organizations to start eliminating junk foods at cafeterias and elsewhere.

The fact of the matter is that before every lap band in Beverly Hills and sleeve gastrectomy was preceded by decades of usually very unhealthy eating. It's one thing to criticize it, but it's really time those of us in the medical establishment really started leading by example.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Social Media Allows Unprecedented Access to Patient Testimonials

The rise of the internet has been a marvelous thing for those seeking a fuller story on bariatric surgical procedures that they are considering. Ten years ago even, it was hard to get a patient's point of view about an operation and the lifestyle changes they have to face. Now, however, there are many resources available online that are free and accessible, whether it be for lap band, sleeve gastrectomy, or any other type of bariatric procedure.

Blogging, of course, is the most popular way post-bariatric surgery persons share their story. After all, we are blogging now in order to increase the dialogue and knowledge about weight loss procedures. But, also, many of our readers have their own journals online, sharing their personal stories about weight loss (feel free to share your links in the comments!).

There are other resources, too, that put more scrutiny on patients who have gotten bariatric procedures. Stories can be shared on Yelp, people have hosted forums on Reddit, and even whole Twitter accounts are dedicated to shedding some light on what it takes to shed some pounds.

This isn't to say that hopeful patients should diagnose themselves; quite the opposite. Only a consultation with a qualified doctor can help you get a better understanding of the procedures. Dr. Michael Feiz is a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in surgeries for weight loss in Los Angeles. His compassionate, realistic approach means that people get the truth about what to expect when it comes to bariatric surgery and realize that it's not a solution in itself. Call his office at (310) 855-8058 for a free consultation.