Friday, May 4, 2012

Bariatric Surgery with a Single Incision

Dr. Michael Feiz uses the advanced STARR Treatment to perform both a gastric bypass and a gastric sleeve (the latter is also known as a sleeve gastrectomy). This cutting-edge method allows him to perform these very safe and effective procedures with ONLY A SINGLE INCISION. The difference between these procedures and the traditional laparoscopic method is startling: patients experience a faster recovery period, with less post-operative discomfort and virtually no scarring. Indeed, scarring is often a concern for patients, but with the STARR Treatment, Dr. Feiz typically leaves behind one scar no larger than a freckle or a single grain of rice. Contact Dr. Feiz & Associates to schedule a FREE initial consultation and learn more about this breakthrough technique that only a few select surgeons are qualified to offer their patients.

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