Friday, June 1, 2012

Trending: Sleep Apnea and Cancer

Lap Band patients, and patients of other bariatric procedures show a marked improvement in the symptoms associate with sleep apnea. That's especially good news, because The New York Times and a few other publications in the fast few weeks have run stories on a link between sleep apnea and cancer. 

One of the studies quoted in The Times was from Spain, where severe Sleep Apnea patients had a startling 65% greater incidence of cancer of some form or another. Those are some startling numbers. In the meantime, unrelated scientists in South Dakota have noticed a direct genetic link between morbid obesity and sleep apnea.

The optimism to be found in all of these stories, however, is the ever growing trust of the public in sleeve gastrectomy and its more familiar cousin, gastric bypass for medical weight loss.

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