Friday, November 23, 2012

Food for Thought: Guidelines for Healthy Eating this Holiday Season


Dr. Feiz & Associates trust that all of our patients had an enjoyable Thanksgiving Day! For many of us, the celebration extends through the four-day weekend. As family and friends come together, food can become the focus of the social time. If it was your turn to cook the feast this year, you probably felt more prepared. If another family member is heading up the meal, you don’t exactly know what you will be dealing with. This can be intimidating for those who recently chose the right path to health with a bariatric surgery from Dr. Feiz.

Although Thanksgiving is over, you may have many other holiday potlucks and dinner on your calendar. But you don’t have to be intimidated by what’s being served. Just apply the same rules and behaviors that you more strictly enforced at the start of your weight loss plan. Give yourself a mental pep-talk just before the event. Tell yourself that you will watch your portions, focusing on the nutritious vegetable options and staying away from the high calorie foods that are offered. Drink plenty of water. Don’t view food as the centerpiece of the event. Think about catching up with friends, topics for conversation. Sit in an area where the banquet table is not directly in your field of view. Think about talking to a fellow bariatric patient for moral support.

When you received your FDA-approved LAP Band procedure or sleeve gastrectomy, you made a commitment to eat healthily. You can keep this promise to yourself year-round. Dr. Feiz & Associates are here to follow up with patients’ dietary concerns. Feel free to give us a call this holiday season if we can be of assistance.    

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