Friday, December 7, 2012

Couples with Bariatric Surgery

Our patient ambassador here at Dr. Feiz & Associates for the month of December is actually two people: a married couple who both received a sleeve gastrectomy at the end of last year and have found amazing results. We'll talk more about their journey and success in a future blog post, but it piqued our interest in couples who receive bariatric surgery together.

Doing some brief internet research, we found many inspiring stories of couples who have undergone these procedures together: a couple in Poughkeepsie who got gastric bypass surgeries on the same day, two in the Bronx doing the same, Lisa Lampanelli and her husband receiving the gastric sleeve 8 weeks apart, and many, many more. The reasons for getting the surgeries together seem to take on a deeper meaning for many of these couples; not only do they want to live longer, they want to live longer together. Plus, these couples are lucky to have another avenue for support throughout their weight loss journey that many don't have.

It's also been found that a couple benefits from weight loss surgery even if only one person in the relationship gets it (this effect even carries through to children, if the couple has any). Part of this is that the family has a new idea of what nutrition and health can be. Dr. Feiz knows that any weight loss surgery in California he performs requires a fresh outlook on eating, exercise, mental health, and much more. He is willing to meet with any person interested in a bariatric surgery, either through a complimentary consultation or through a free weight loss seminar. Call 310-855-8058 for more information!

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