Friday, February 8, 2013

Uncompromising Commitment is the Key to Success

Weight loss through bariatric surgery begins with a decision and is followed by uncompromising commitment. The success stories of Dr. Michael Feiz’ Patient Ambassadors have been published by news outlets throughout the country over the past several months. In reading many of these testimonies, one sees that the dramatic and necessary weight loss of each person was indeed a result of the FDA approved lap band and gastric sleeve surgeries officiated by Dr. Feiz & Associates. However, this is not to discount the patient’s ongoing commitment to a healthy lifestyle. In the days or months leading up to each surgery, Dr. Feiz builds a solid working relationship with each client for an easy flow of communication on all aspects of the procedure. It is very important that each band or  gastric sleeve patient follows recovery guidelines, with diet as a key element. While Dr. Feiz and his team are continually available to the patient, the day will come when he or she has recovered from surgery and settles back into daily life.

After taking initial cues from Dr. Feiz, the patient utilizes his or her own will power to stick to a healthy diet and exercise plan. Many of our patients relate that going to the gym or getting some cardio in isn’t always first on the list, but they realize the benefits of staying true to the fitness regimen, in addition to watching portion size, avoiding alcohol and sodas, taking proper nutritional supplements, and so on. The clinic would like to take the opportunity to commend all of our wonderful patients, to say well done and keep it going! Those who are a part of the Dr. Feiz family are all too aware of the commitment that is involved in achieving and then maintaining a healthy weight. Our clinic congratulates you.

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