Friday, March 1, 2013

Defeat the Negative Emotional Cycle with Dr. Feiz & Associates

Obesity has certainly been linked to depression, as well as mood disorders, anti-social behavior, and other personal issues. Leading bariatric surgeon Dr. Michael Feiz is familiar with his client's physical, mental, and emotional struggles. In this way, the office of Dr. Michael Feiz & Associates and the surgeon himself extend emotional support, perform psychological screenings, and supply useful education that helps combat pre-surgery and post-surgery depression; remember, Dr. Feiz and his patient are in this together.

 Even if the person is excited for their bariatric surgery and the positive life-changes that will result, the individual can experience melancholy feelings in the first days following gastric sleeve surgery. While many patients do not feel compelled to over-eat while their bodies adjust to gastric sleeve, depression can trigger emotional eating in the weeks that follow. Through balanced eating habits and a good exercise regimen advised by Dr. Feiz, the patient takes power over these feelings. They say old habits die hard, but the proper plan of attack replaces negative self-talk and behaviors with a healthy outlook and lifestyle.

In the case that the gastric sleeve patient may benefit from some counseling, Dr. Feiz & Associates make proper referrals and can link the patient with an influential support group. Pre and post-surgery, Dr.  Feiz and his team are the cornerstone of your support system.

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