Monday, July 15, 2013

New Dishes Target Post-Bariatric Surgery Consumers

The team at Dr. Feiz & Associates, leaders in surgery for weight loss in Los Angeles, remembers news stories from two years about about if the color of your plate can benefit weight loss. While we think the science is not clear on that issue, we have read recently about portion-control plates designed for patients who have gotten bariatric surgery. Any tool to help patients lose weight, we have to support, especially in instances where portion control was an issue before a bariatric surgery.

Here's one we found that marks portion size for protein, vegetables, and starch. It's a neat idea, and great for patients who are learning how to convert the sometimes confusing measurements (oz., cups, and Tbs.) into what they actually look like on the plate. We do wonder how long somebody would use this after a gastric sleeve, bypass, or lap-band, once they have gotten acclimated to portion sizes. However, if this plate works for somebody, that's all that matters. We think it'd be a great addition for a household where one person has had weight loss surgery and the rest haven't to encourage proper portioning.
We also found this product from a company called BariWare. It's not exactly a plate, but it does have different compartments that only hold 1 oz. of food, making measurements easy. One reviewer online said it was even great for stews and she applauded the silverware, which encourages slow eating. It doesn't necessarily tell you what to put in each compartment, but the staff at Dr. Feiz & Associates does our best to educate our patients on which foods make satisfying and healthful meals.

We can't help but think that the portable portion-control plate is the more convenient and helpful, especially on the go. However, everybody's weight loss journey is different and these plates might not be helpful for everybody. Here at Dr. Feiz & Associates, our bariatric surgeon, nutritionist, and support staff keep strong tabs on our patients, monitoring their diet and exercise and, yes, even discussing issues like portion-control plates. All of these products retail for about $15 to $20, so they're a great investment if you think they'd be a long-term help.

If you're considering a weight loss surgery or have a question about any of the products mentioned above, please call Dr. Feiz & Associates at 310-817-6911 or contact us online.

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