Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Welcome Nicole Jones, Our Patient Advocate and "the Boss of Food"

We just wanted to take a moment today to congratulate Nicole Jones, one of Dr. Feiz's most impressive alums, who will be acting as our Patient Advocate. Nicole, who lost 90 pounds and an enormous number of dress sizes with a gastric sleeve procedure, will be going on all types of social media and explaining how, for many people, bariatric procedures may be the best and only answer to the ongoing obesity epidemic.

Just talking to Nicole, you can tell she's a serious person and not one to give up on anything at all. However, even she found that defeating obesity and the threat of health problems like type 2 diabetes was too much to take on without some surgical assistance. Like the vast majority of people struggling with their weight, the constant distraction of feelings of hunger made it just too difficult for her to lose weight over the long haul. Fortunately, of course, her gastric sleeve changed all that.

As she puts it:
A lot of what I'll be doing is just sharing the good experience I had with Dr. Feiz and talking about how different things are now. Before, food was kind of ruling my life. Now I feel like I am the boss of food.
We know Nicole is going to do an amazing job helping people to explore the possibilities in terms of approaches to, well, becoming the boss of food. If you would like to look into the possibility weight loss surgery in Los Angeles or elsewhere in Southern California with Dr. Feiz and Associates, feel free to contact us at 310-855-8058.

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