Friday, April 11, 2014

Go From Shopping In the Plus-Sized Department to a Size 6-12 with Dr. Feiz!

As Dr. Michael Feiz' patient Andee Granados can tell you, living life over 250 pounds (especially on a petite frame) is something that is painful in more ways than one. Andee decided she needed to get the LAP-BAND surgery in Los Angeles, and was happy to have found a competent, caring doctor in board-certified bariatric surgeon, Dr. Feiz. Now at a healthy weight after losing more than 120 pounds since her lap band procedure, Andee lives life to the fullest and feels better than ever. In fact, since her 2009 surgery, Andee is proud to go clothing shopping at regular, fashionable stores that don't specifically cater to plus-sized women. She has maintained her healthy weight and a size 6 clothing size, and said she couldn't feel better.

Watch Andee's story on YouTube here:
As she mentions in her patient testimonial, Dr. Feiz and his staff have been at her side through the first consultation through the surgery itself, and most importantly, aftercare. She no longer feels the urge to go through the drive-through for a quick, calorie-packed meal, and is content eating meals that are healthy. Andee also was championed by her mother during her Lap-Band journey, and credits her for a great deal of support. As Dr. Feiz would tell his patients, a group of support is a very helpful way to get through any surgery, especially one as life-changing as bariatric surgery. Even if it's just from your peers in a patient support group or an online message board, any form of encouragement can help a patient get through the ordeal of losing weight.

If Andee or any other of Dr. Feiz' patient ambassadors have inspired you to make a change, simply call his offices to book an appointment. Remember that while you may have more than 100 pounds to lose, it can be done, and every journey begins with a first step. Call 310-855-8058 today to speak to a friendly consultant at the offices of Dr. Feiz & Associates!

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