Thursday, June 5, 2014

Living in the Present

There's no doubt that weight loss surgery has made great strides in effectively combating the obesity epidemic since the 1990s. Procedures such as the gastric sleeve and the lap band have presented people with options that are less invasive and extremely effective. Still, that doesn't mean the people who received the earlier procedures made a mistake by not waiting. They received the available treatment for their illness when they needed it and countless people are now living vastly happier and healthier lives as a result.

We say this because some of the new experimental procedures that are getting some press attention at the moment might tempt some folks to hold off in hopes of receiving what they imagine might be a more ideal surgery. This would be a mistake for a number of reasons, starting with the fact that the newer procedures are aimed primarily at the less severely obese who might not even be candidates for currently available bariatric procedures. Secondly, such dangerous illnesses as type 2 diabetes don't wait around for medical science to advance. You have to obtain the surgeries that are available now because you're life is now, not at some undefined point in the future.

If your health and happiness is in danger because of severe obesity, now may be the time to get started. For more information on obtaining the very best in weight loss surgery in California, please contact us at 310-855-8058.

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