Thursday, July 24, 2014

Healthy Diet Tips You Will Like

We know how hard healthy eating can be, that's why we wanted to share some tips you'd like!

#1.You need some fat in your diet; just get it from the right places.

Swap out saturated fats (butter, cheese and high-fat meat) in favor of healthy fats like olive oil, canola oil and the kind found in nuts and fatty fish. Try topping your salad with a few nuts instead of cheese, use peanut butter instead of cream cheese on a bagel, and replace mayonnaise with avocado on a sandwich.

#2. Fruit is naturally sweet, delicious, whole and unprocessed.

It is chock full of vitamins and fiber. Eat it fresh whenever possible. Frozen and canned fruit are other good options—just look for the kind with no added ingredients. Add fruit to protein drinks; eat it with peanut butter or yogurt for a snack.

#3. Salad Dressings for a healthy lifestyle that taste yummy.

In both the “regular” and “health food” sections of the market, we found that these brands of dressings didn’t contain any bad oils. BRIANNAS (all flavors), Cains Naturally Delicious All Natural Dressing (some flavors, including Asian Sesame Vinaigrette), Drew’s All Natural (all flavors)

#4 Pasta Sauce !

It was fairly easy to find pasta sauces that omitted the bad omega–6–rich oils. Still, many brands include these oils in some flavors but not others, so make sure to read ingredient lists. Bertolli (many flavors, including Marinara with Burgundy Wine), Classico (some flavors, including Tomato Basil), Dell’Amore (all flavors).

Dr. Feiz also knows that sometimes diets and exercise do not work. Luckily there is an option! To find out more about surgical weight loss and to see if you are a candidate, give Dr. Feiz a call anytime!

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