Friday, February 13, 2015

Tools to Fight the Battle Against Obesity

An article that we linked to earlier today highlights the fact that many experts agree on obesity being a disease that cannot be easily “cured” with just diet and exercise. There are many biological and hormonal problems that stick with people their entire life, across multiple years and multiple diets. Experts agree that weight loss surgery in Los Angeles is a great tool that can have lifelong benefits in the fight against these hunger cravings.

There is no better choice than Dr. Feiz & Associates when picking a surgeon to perform your sleeve gastrectomy, both because of his proven skill as a surgeon, and because of the spectacular post-surgical support that our staff provides to help guide you through your weight loss journey.

The sleeve gastrectomy procedure, as performed by Dr. Feiz, helps both physically by limiting the size of the patient’s stomach, but also hormonally. The stomach omits a hormone called ghrelin that travels to the brain and gives off signals that give people food cravings. Because the sleeve gastrectomy involves removing a portion of the stomach which omits ghrelin, the procedure reduces the amount of ghrelin that reaches the brain, therefore reducing hunger cravings.

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