Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sticking with Science

When it comes to losing weight, it seems as though everyone has an opinion about what the best approach is to shed pounds. Some suggest fasting, other restrictive diets, and some recommend intense work-out regimens. No matter what these people say, it is important to separate opinion and conjecture from scientifically proven facts. Luckily, bariatric surgery has quite a bit of the latter to back it up.

Even though doctors and patients have long known many of the benefits of weight loss surgery, studies are constantly coming out that reaffirm the procedure’s abilities to help patients control their appetites once and for all. Rather than other methods of weight loss that are simply supported by anecdotes and claims of “common sense,” weight loss surgeries like the gastric sleeve have a vast library of scientific data and fact to back up their success. Surely there is anecdotal evidence as well – after all, visitors to our website can see the many patient success stories from the patients themselves, and learn exactly how weight loss surgery has helped their lives. Of course, not everyone has the same results, but it nevertheless important to see how losing 50 percent of one’s excess body weight can help people finally achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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