Friday, January 22, 2016

Cure-alls and Fad Diets are Nothing New

The struggle to lose weight and improve one's figure is nothing new to our generation. In fact, an interesting yet very telling article sheds some light on dieting trends in America since the 1800s. It appears that everything from whale-bone corsets, cigarette smoking, and even vibrating belts have been marketed and sold to improve peoples' lives - with the promise that such devices and habits would help people meet their weight loss goals.  Even in our era of unparalleled knowledge of the human body, people are still uncertain about what works and what doesn't. 

Yet we still see similar trends and fad diets come and go. And while we now have a better understanding of what constitutes a healthy diet and lifestyle, people with significantly high amounts of weight to lose experience a great degree of difficulty in achieving their weight loss goals. Fortunately, bariatric surgery is the only approach proven to help people with severe obesity lose weight and keep the pounds off.

We at Dr. Feiz & Associates have a comprehensive understanding of the struggle that obese patients endure in their weight loss journeys. When diets fail and exercise doesn't seem to be helping, bariatric surgery, while not a cure-all or miracle pill, is actually proven to to work.

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