Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Steps to a Successful Outcome with Bariatric Surgery

Five essential steps to getting the best results from, and having the best experience with, weight loss surgery.

One of the most vital actions you can take in preparation for weight loss surgery is making sure you have a strong support system in place. Too many people are ashamed or embarrassed, and choose to keep their loved ones in the dark. You should take pride in the pro-active and genuinely courageous steps you are taking to take control of your own life and ensure yourself a brighter, longer future. Those who love you will want to share in that experience.
The second step in this journey is to find the most qualified and experienced surgical team. It is important to learn how many procedures a surgeon has performed, how long they have been practicing, and what their patients have to say about them. One of the most cutting edge centers for weight loss in Los Angeles is Dr. Feiz & Associates. Here you can find Dr. Michael Feiz and Dr. Monali Misra, renowned pioneers of both the sleeve gastrectomy and Lap Band in Los Angeles. With state-of-the-art facilities and advanced training in the latest bariatric procedures, Dr. Feiz and Dr. Misra are among a select group of surgeons in the nation who are able to offer radical surgeries like the sleeve gastrectomy with just a SINGLE INCISION. Their patients enjoy a much faster and less painful recovery period, and are left with virtually no scarring (a single scar no bigger than a freckle).
Step three on the road to weight loss is the free seminar offered by Dr. Feiz and Dr. Misra. Get all your questions and concerns addressed by the foremost authorities in the field of weight loss in Los Angeles. You will quickly see why so many patients appreciate these two surgeons' warm and attentive approach to medicine.
And finally – step four – it comes time to pick your surgery date. Don't' be anxious! Now your support team has doubled to include not only your friends and family but also a medical team that is incredibly proficient, experienced, and dedicated to your success. That's the benefit of choosing a center like Dr. Feiz & Associates; they hold your hand the whole way through, connecting you with a psychologist, dietician, and any other experts with whom you might want to consult.
Now for step five: post-surgery. Dr. Feiz & Associates will help you connect with support groups, where you can learn more about diet tips and get more useful information about other lifestyle changes in order to ensure lasting success. This weight loss center also has a wonderful and caring patient liaison whose own life was changed by Dr. Feiz's bariatric surgery. Maddy Bronstein is available to patients before and after surgery, sharing with them the details of her first-hand experience, and allaying their concerns about surgery.
For more information about micro sleeve surgery, the STARR Treatment, and the Lap Band in Beverly Hills with Dr. Feiz and his team of distinguished surgeons, please visit online at

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