Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving/Holidays… How to control your food intake:

1)    About an hour before the party, eat a healthful snack and drink water to cut hunger and makes you less likely to overeat. Once at the party, eat anything that contains protein which will keep you fuller longer.
2)    Exercise before arriving to the party. This will curb the emotional eating.
3)    Pick an outfit that you love that makes you feel good and confident… will def help you eat less
4)    If it’s a potluck…. Take a plate that is nutritious, maybe roasted vegetables with a low fat dip, fruit salad, etc
5)    When choosing a sit around the table… aim to sit next to the healthy meals on the table.
6)    Another favorite of mine, in your right hand, the more dominant one, hold a non-caloric drink and have a clutch with you… this will help with the appetizers portion so you won’t keep nibbling till the real meal is served.
7)    If you are going to consume alcohol… have 2 glasses of water or club soda for every alcoholic beverage you consume.
8)    LEFTOVERS … Before you reach out to have those leftovers, first have a salad and broth based soup to curb your appetite.
9)   How about the difficult in-laws who force you to eat…. For example, if a family member is forcing you to let’s say try a cake they baked… simply say to them I didn’t have a chance to try it but it looks amazing and you’d like to take some home. She gets the compliment she craves and well you save the calorie

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