Friday, March 2, 2012

Depression and Weight Loss Surgery

Here at Dr. Feiz & Associates, we recognize that obesity takes as much of a psychological toll as it does a physical toll. Depression can be a terrible burden, and people shouldn't have to suffer in silence. By no means do we believe that everyone in society should be unsatisfied with anything less than the perfect body. Healthy people have healthy, realistic goals when it comes to their physique. But when we talk about weight loss in Los Angeles, we're not talking about perfection; we're talking about happiness, pure and simple. The procedures that we offer, from gastric bypass to sleeve gastrectomy and the Lap Band in Los Angeles, deliver amazing results that can increase your lifespan. Just as importantly, they can improve the quality of your life. We don't promise that all of your problems will go away once you undergo bariatric surgery, but it is a vital step toward restoring the self-esteem that you so richly deserve. You can be happy again. You can feel good about yourself again. Exploring weight loss surgery means reclaiming control of your life, and it's not a road you have to travel alone. Contact us for a FREE consultation on any of our procedures, including the Lap Band in Beverly Hills.

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