Friday, March 23, 2012

Weight Loss Surgery: A Matter of Physical Health and Self-Esteem

There has traditionally been a social stigma attached to weight loss surgery like the Lap Band in Los Angeles. In the past, some have looked down their noses at people who turn to bariatric surgery, assuming that it's an easy way out for someone who simply doesn't have the willpower to lose weight "the old fashioned way." If only it were that simple. Most of the people who come to Dr. Feiz & Associates interested in surgical weight loss in Los Angeles have already tried exercise and diet, and are so frustrated that they are on the verge of giving up. This social stigma is fading away fast as society as a whole learns more about problems associated with weight, but even if it wasn't, it's high time people stopped listening to this kind pressure and criticism. We don't say this because we are trying to push some procedure on people who come to see us. We say it because the path forward to successful weight loss, like so many challenges in life, is really about claiming control over your own destiny. Of course we are there to offer the professional help and support you need and deserve, but ultimately this is your choice, as it should be. Just deciding that for yourself is a first, and powerful, step toward restoring your self-esteem, and your zest for life. We have seen the positive changes in our patients, not just in their dramatic weight loss, but in their entire worldview. Contact us for a FREE consultation to learn more about our procedures, including the Lap Band in Beverly Hills.

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