Friday, August 10, 2012

Bariatric Surgery May Not Decrease Bone Density

Studies have shown that people with an increased BMI tend to have higher levels of bone density. Some scientists were worried that bariatric surgeries, such as gastric bypass, would diminish this amount of mineral matter within the bones. This would create a problem as lower bone density is often linked to the risk of fractures, broken bones, and osteoporosis. We here at Dr. Feiz and Associates are happy to read about a recent study, completed at the University of Southampton, that proposes that, at least for the first three years after a bariatric surgery, there is no greater risk for broken bones. There could be, however, a potential for lower bone density after the three years. We will have to wait for more studies on the issue; this is a unique study and it will be interesting to see what other schools and scientists determine.

These concerns and others can be openly discussed with Dr. Feiz, surgeon extraordinaire for bariatric surgeries, like lap band, in Los Angeles. Keeping up to date on important studies like this one means that, during the important post-surgical meetings with Dr. Feiz, he can be sure to closely monitor your health, assuage your fears, and ensure that you are taking care of yourself nutritionally in order to curb loss of bone density. After all, procedures like sleeve gastrectomy are for patients who want to reclaim their health, not diminish it!

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