Friday, August 3, 2012

Hospitals that Perform the Most Bariatric Surgeries Have Fewer Complications

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times discussed a study on bariatric procedures recently released by Healthgrades, an "independent healthcare ratings company based in Denver."  The article suggests that hospitals have varying rates of complications when it comes to bariatric surgery, as opposed to some procedures where the risks are similar across the board. It was also noted that hospitals that perform the most bariatric surgeries have the lowest rates of complications. The implication, then, is that those seeking bariatric surgery should go to a place that does more than other hospitals.

This is no surprise as surgeons like Dr. Feiz are constantly learning more and more about new aspects of surgeries for weight loss in Los Angeles. For example, Dr. Feiz takes advantage of the many types of bariatric surgeries and gives his patients the personal care to match the required surgery for their needs. He's also a practitioner of the innovative, and less invasive, laparoscopic sleeve surgery that uses smaller incisions. Visit his website for a consultation and to see his schedule of free presentations on surgeries like the lap band and gastric bypass.

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