Friday, September 21, 2012

An Election of Another Sort: Lap Band vs. Gastric Sleeve Surgery

There are two candidates; One is already in place, but the results that candidate promised haven’t really come to fruition (although it’s arguably not the candidate’s fault). The other, the challenger offers solutions of another sort, but there would be some sacrifices. The challenger is dedicated to a quick reduction in the size of the body they will represent.

Before you cast your ballot, make sure you’ve read carefully about the candidates.

Of course this race is between gastric sleeve surgery and another LAP Band to replace the dysfunctional Lap Band you already have in place. If your previous bariatric didn’t make these options clear, or didn’t listen to your medical worries and your weight loss surgery goals, you might be conducting an “election” in your mind. Of course, unlike with the presidential race, there’s the option of choosing neither.

At Dr. Feiz and associates, we don’t often recommend removal without revision if you plan to stay on track toward weight loss. Discomfort with your LAP Band can mean an urgent desire to “just get it out!” but take the long view if you can. Despite the daunting commitment, revision with the gastric sleeve is getting consistently great response from patients.

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