Thursday, September 6, 2012

Social Media Allows Unprecedented Access to Patient Testimonials

The rise of the internet has been a marvelous thing for those seeking a fuller story on bariatric surgical procedures that they are considering. Ten years ago even, it was hard to get a patient's point of view about an operation and the lifestyle changes they have to face. Now, however, there are many resources available online that are free and accessible, whether it be for lap band, sleeve gastrectomy, or any other type of bariatric procedure.

Blogging, of course, is the most popular way post-bariatric surgery persons share their story. After all, we are blogging now in order to increase the dialogue and knowledge about weight loss procedures. But, also, many of our readers have their own journals online, sharing their personal stories about weight loss (feel free to share your links in the comments!).

There are other resources, too, that put more scrutiny on patients who have gotten bariatric procedures. Stories can be shared on Yelp, people have hosted forums on Reddit, and even whole Twitter accounts are dedicated to shedding some light on what it takes to shed some pounds.

This isn't to say that hopeful patients should diagnose themselves; quite the opposite. Only a consultation with a qualified doctor can help you get a better understanding of the procedures. Dr. Michael Feiz is a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in surgeries for weight loss in Los Angeles. His compassionate, realistic approach means that people get the truth about what to expect when it comes to bariatric surgery and realize that it's not a solution in itself. Call his office at (310) 855-8058 for a free consultation.

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