Friday, October 5, 2012

More Than an Amazing Picture

While we are happy to say that we help an awful lot of people here at the clinic for weight loss surgery, but it's not every day that we get a patient who has a positive attitude to rival that of Tyneda Dosek. As you can see by her pictures above, Tyneda has made some remarkable strides in terms of losing weight and keeping it off, but there's more to it than that. We could talk more about her, but why we don't we let her testimonial speak for itself?

Tyneda was looking down a long road, and she didn't like what she saw ahead of her.
I tried to embrace my obesity and live with being "big boned." Once the scales tipped at 278 pounds, and [being] almost 6 years away from being 40 years old, I knew I needed to make a drastic change. In February 2010 I went to a seminar with Dr. Feiz. I was both intrigued and excited.
By September 2010, I was getting my surgery. My "Ah Ha" moment was when I no longer had to shop in the plus size section. When I go snowboarding in the winter, I can board all day without getting winded and sore from just one run. I never thought I could have this much energy! Today I am loving life.
I have lost 113 lbs and wear a size 10.Dr. Feiz reassured I was doing everything right and I look fantastic. I truly feel like a new person and I thank Dr. Feiz and his team for all their support along my life journey.
Tyneda has really applied herself and, what's more, she's really enjoying the results of all her very hard work and the fact that she looks, quite frankly, kind of amazing. As medical professionals, we focus so much on various types of weight loss surgery and their the crucial technical aspects of our work that it's easy to get lost in the details sometimes. Obesity surgery for weight loss is obviously difficult and detailed work, and it's sometimes too easy to forget why we do what we. Then, we look at the truly amazing results that Tyneda has achieved, and how she's so brilliantly altered the direction of her life, and it reminds us all over again why we do what we do.

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