Friday, October 12, 2012

Was Jessica Simpson Turned Away from Lap Band Procedure?

Whether this is solely a product of the rumor mill or if it is grounded in fact, we don't know. Nonetheless, some are reporting that Jessica Simpson went to two different doctors attempting to get a lap band procedure. It was said that they both turned her down, citing that she may not have been prepared for the lifestyle changes that such an operation would entail. We here at Dr. Feiz & Associates don't want to repute or support these rumors, but we are glad that this story is getting some attention in the press. Many detractors of bariatric surgery think it is a procedure that people just get on a whim. But the reality is quite the opposite; this is a lifestyle changing operation that requires not only preparation, but also a dedication following the procedure.
To qualify for a lap band in Beverly Hills from Michael Feiz, MD, FACS one must above all be mentally prepared for surgery and for the changes you'll have to make after the procedure (including a restricted, nutrition rich diet and exercise). Besides that, qualifications for an FDS compliant lap band from Dr. Feiz include a certain BMI number, a look into your medical history, a history of documented weight loss attempts, a psychological evaluation, and a nutritional consultation. For more information, please arrange a free consultation with a specialist at Dr. Feiz and Associates by calling 310-817-6911.

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