Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How to Actually Keep that New Year's Resolution for Weight Loss!

Weight loss is the most common New Year's resolutions, but many struggle and give up before reaching their target weight. Board-certified bariatric surgeon Dr. Michael Feiz has helped many adults reverse their obesity and finally get healthy, making their New Year's resolution to lose the pounds a reality.

Do you plan to lose weight in 2014? Contact the offices of Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. to learn more about your surgical weight loss options.
Dr. Feiz & Associates have tips for how you can get down to a healthy weight, whether you plan to have obesity surgery or not. His main advice is to focus on small goals so you don't get overwhelmed and give up!
  • Track your calories.  Dedicate yourself to healthy eating and logging what you eat either on paper of an online calorie tracking source like My Fitness Pal. This can open your eyes to what you're really eating!
  • Work out 3 times a week or more. Start small and work from there when it comes to physical activity. Don't feel pressured to do too much too soon, you'll build up endurance sooner than you may think!
  • Weigh yourself regularly.Your weight can easily spiral out of control is because you're simply unaware of your weight until clothes no longer fit. Hold yourself accountable and focus on weight maintenance at least, if you're not ready to lose some weight. 
Contact the offices of Dr. Feiz today to learn more about how you can lose weight starting today. Don't delay, call (310) 855-8058 today!

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