Friday, October 24, 2014

Getting Off the Treadmill

Working in the trenches of the obesity epidemic, it's occurred to us that much of what we do is about breaking the kinds of vicious cycles that make weight loss seem all but impossible. It's one thing, for example, to be aware of the very real dangers associated with high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes; it's something else entirely to be able to make the changes that are needed in order to accomplish it.

In terms of weight loss, the problem often is that, the more weight we lose, the hungrier we begin to feel. In reality, what we're feeling is not so much genuine hunger as the body's production of such hunger hormones as ghrelin. The result is that most weight loss efforts don't last, we feel discouraged, and often end up "eating our pain" and worsening our weight problem over the long term. A weight loss procedure such as a gastric sleeve can break that cycle.

Of course, not everything in the world is about weight loss surgery in California and elsewhere The flight-or-flight-based impulses of stress can be another nasty merry-go-round that the right kind of therapeutic approach can help. Still, of course, weight loss is our specialty at Dr. Feiz and Associates, so if you're severely obese and think that weight loss surgery might be your way out, we're looking forward to hearing from you at 310-855-8058.

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