Friday, November 21, 2014

Avoiding Overeating to Win Thanksgiving

That time of the year is upon us, and for people dealing with severe obesity, it’s a time of temptation. There’s nothing quite like a Thanksgiving Day feast, but the problem with the holidays is that it’s a time of encouraged overindulgence. As families across the nation loosen their belts, many of us who are attempting to embrace healthy eating struggle through the holiday season. As an experienced bariatric surgery center, here at Dr. Feiz & Associates we understand how trying a day like Thanksgiving can be, and we’re here to help with a few quick tips you can use to stay focused, and avoid overeating. 

In terms of temptation, one of the most difficult aspects of Thanksgiving is the sheer amount of food that we’re exposed to. Between mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and of course that huge turkey centerpiece, there are a lot of ways to lose discipline. Portion control is one of the best methods to keep your diet. There’ll be a lot of food, and you should go ahead and try everything. Just don’t take that much of each. Grab a plate, and take a little of a lot. By serving yourself such a large variety of food, it’ll feel like you’re eating more than you actually are. 

There are a few tricks you can try that could help if you think your appetite might get the better of you. Because the sensation of hunger is very often actually a sign of dehydration, try drinking a glass of water right before the meal. Afterwards, you might realize you’re not as hungry as you thought. Also, use a smaller plate, like a salad plate, to serve yourself which will help you keep your portions under control. Remember, now is always the best time to begin a weight loss journey. Dr. Michael Feiz can help you along the way.

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