Monday, November 17, 2014

There's So Much to Do!

Goodness knows, we're just as busy as everyone else at Dr. Feiz & Associates. We understand that sometimes life can keep throwing you so many curve-balls it might seem as if taking a break for even the most important kinds of health treatments are next to impossible. Indeed, for people who never seem to have the time to even cook for themselves -- often an important component of healthy eating, taking the time to get a potentially life-saving weight loss procedure might seem next to impossible.

Yes, time is a limited commodity, but that works in more than one way. If we fail to invest time in our health now, we may pay a steep price in terms of the time we have to enjoy life later on. We're not only talking about lifespans being shortened by the many health risks of severe obesity, we're talking about quality of life issues. You might survive a stroke, for example. However, even under the best circumstances, a strokes means losing countless hours of your life in recovery and rehabiliatation...a process that may now always be complete.

So, yes, we're all busy but taking advantage of the skills of a top bariatric surgeon like Dr. Michael Feiz is the kind of investment that can reap enormous rewards later on. There might be too many things to do, but sometimes you have to do for yourself.

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