Friday, December 26, 2014

Don’t Eat a Day’s Worth of Food in One Meal!

How much food is too much food? Some would say it’s a matter of opinion, but most doctors and nutritionists agree, for the average adult, 2,000 calories is the ideal daily consumption level for a healthy lifestyle.  The average American might not even know what 2,000 calories looks like. But thanks to this comprehensive and fascinating report from the New York Times, you can see just how easy it is to go over your daily recommendation in a single sitting. 

The obesity epidemic has a lot to do with processed foods and fast food restaurants. You probably already know that a meal at McDonalds isn’t the most healthy way to go, but did you know that combo meal might be an entire day’s worth of calories? At Burger King, a Double Whopper, large soda, and fries brings you to 2,130 calories. Meanwhile, even “healthier” options like Chipotle burrito nets you 2,010 if you get chips and guac with a drink. Don’t fool yourself into thinking fast food is the only way to do it, either. With the generous portions most dine in restaurants provide a single dish could put you well over. The Farfalle with Chicken at the Cheesecake Factory weights in a whopping 2,410 calories. 

Want a great way to keep your calorie counts under control? Just cook at home, and try to assemble meals yourself from fresh ingredients. It might take a little longer than going out, but it’ll be well worth it for your health, and here at Dr. Feiz & Associates we believe your health is what matters the most. 

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