Friday, January 2, 2015

3 Tips for Weight Loss in 2015

Weight loss is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions, and for good reason. With such a high percentage of obesity in American, shedding pounds is not just a good for wanting to look better, it’s a great way to improve your health. Unfortunately, keeping resolutions and losing weight are both extremely difficult, and have high rates of failure. Still, here at Dr. Feiz and Associates, we don’t think that should stop you, so here are 3 tips for living a healthy lifestyle in 2015.

1) Start Small. One of the main reasons why New Year’s resolutions fail is that they’re simply too ambitious. While there’s nothing wrong with aiming high, taking a difficult task like weight loss and resolving to simply make it happen is almost impossible. You need to set small goals. Instead of deciding that you’ll lose a certain amount of weight for the year, resolve to lose a few pounds a few months at a time. 

2) Eat better. One of the keys to weight loss is healthy eating, but you shouldn’t expect to change your entire diet overnight. Start small here too. Use a smaller salad plate to eat a meal to control your portion size, or limit yourself to eating out to a certain number a week. Try swapping out at least one snack a day with something health like eating an apple instead of potato chips for example. 

3) Consider all options. Losing weight is difficult for anyone, but for the severely obese it can be nearly impossible to get down to a healthy weight and keep it down. Options like surgical weight loss like the procedures offered by Dr. Feiz and Associates are available to anyone who is eligible and needs the extra support. Don’t give up on your goals for a healthy and productive new year!

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