Friday, May 8, 2015

For Men and Women, Weight Loss Surgery is an Equal Opportunity Issue!

Recently, a new study came to light concerning the demographic breakdown of patients of bariatric surgery. The most striking numbers showed that the numbers were dramatically skewed toward women, and that, by far, more female patients undergo weight loss surgery than men. According to the numbers, women make up 80% of all bariatric surgeries performed. As a highly experienced and respected center for bariatric surgery, here at Dr. Feiz & Associates we think these numbers are problematic because it means severely obese men are less likely to seek out and receive the treatment they need to achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

Though some incorrectly believe that weight loss is primarily a women’s issue, the truth is that obesity affects men and women equally. In fact, obesity rates in America are nearly equal for both sexes. Further still, the reasons to pursue weight loss surgery in Los Angeles and beyond are not cosmetic. Severe obesity is linked to major medical issues that include diabetes, heart attack, and stroke to name a few. Weight loss surgery is proven to be the best method to combat severe obesity and improve the quality of life. Living a better, happier, longer, and more healthy life is something both men and women deserve!

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