Thursday, May 21, 2015

It All Comes Down to Appetite

If you've spent much time in organized weight loss groups, you've probably heard more than your share of discussion about the difference between appetite and hunger. The idea seems clear enough, we might feel like eating for a host of reasons, but that's not the same as actually needing to eat. While it's true that sometimes we eat out of boredom or to deal with certain feelings or simply because we love donuts, obesity is not nearly that simple.

While it helps to learn to deal with emotional eating, that's only one small part of the problem. As we have learned at Dr. Feiz & Associates, as we lose get serious about restricting our eating, very strong feelings emerge wich can be almost impossible to distinguish from genuine hunger.

You see, the more overweight we are, and the more weight we lose, the stronger and more impossible to ignore these feelings become. Indeed, even people trying to lose relatively small amounts of weight can find themselves obsessing over food while dieting. That's why there's a need for bariatric surgery; people who have a lot of weight to lose, and who need to keep it off for the long term, need help suppressing these pangs that feel so very close to true hunger.

That's also why many of us get so frustrated when we hear uninformed people describing a weight loss surgery as "the easy way out." The fact of the matter is that, for most people, it's the only workable way out of obesity.

If you've found attempting to lose significant amounts of weight and/or trying to keep it off, an all but impossible task, then weight loss surgery in Los Angeles with Dr. Feiz might your very best option. Call us today.

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