Thursday, October 29, 2015

Understanding the Exceptions

By doing a simple Google search for “weight loss success,” those trying to lose weight will likely see numerous stories of obese people who were able to overcame obesity by sticking to a long term diet and exercise plan. While seeing these stories can be inspiring, they can also lower someone’s self-esteem by making them feel inferior to the success of another. While we should always admire and respect people able to achieve those results, Dr. Michael Feiz explains that it is important to remember that these stories are often the exception to the rule. Put simply, what we don’t see are the millions of stories about people trying to lose weight who struggle more than they succeed.

Yet, just because losing weight without help is incredibly difficult, that certainly doesn’t mean there isn’t hope. With bariatric surgery, thousands of patients around the country have been able to get rid of their excess weight and keep it off in the long term. It is important that patients remember that weight loss surgery isn’t a silver bullet cure, nor is it giving up. Weight loss surgery is simply the best, medically proven method for conquering obesity and achieving a healthy lifestyle.

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