Friday, February 5, 2016

It Makes the World Go 'Round

If you're a fan of old musicals, you know that two things have credited with the continued spinning of the earth. "Money, Money" from "Cabaret" tells us that it's cash that makes the world go 'round. It's an argument that can, at times, seem pretty convincing. Arguing to the contrary is a song from the old Broadway show, "Carnival!," "Love Makes the World Go 'Round." Don't worry, sentimentalists! At least from the point of a view of a healthy lifestyle, we're going to argue for love as being the primary motivator of, well, just about everything important in life, including weight loss.

Love, of course, has all kinds of manifestiations. Yes, most people's minds go straight to romantic love, and it's true that, for some people, improving their social life is major motivator for obtaining a bariatric surgery. Others are concerned that their health problems could create a problem in their marriage. At the same time, however, affection for a special man or woman is just one type of love.

The love of parents for their children is an equally powerful motivator that we also see a great deal. Many patients come to us concerned that they will not be their children later on in life due to obesity related health problems. They want to be their for their children's graduation, weddings, and also would like to meet their grand-kids. Others have more immediate concerns that they are already having a hard time keeping up with their energetic offspring due to their weight.

Whether your motivated by your love of a spouse, children, family and friends (very possibly including your pets!), or simply the wonder and joy of life itself, all of us at Dr. Feiz & Associates are obviously here to help. For further information on a gastric sleeve, Lap Band, or other type of procedure, please give us a call.

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