Thursday, February 18, 2016

Losses and Gains

A new study looked into the efficacy of using financial incentives as a motivator for people to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The results were unprecedented. In the study, researchers promised one group of overweight people a daily cash bonus for walking a certain number of steps. The other group was also promised a cash bonus, but each day that they didn't meet their exercise quota caused them to lose a portion of the bonus. This second group actually worked harder to meet the quota, which indicates that people are more motivated by the fear of loss than the pleasure of gain.

It is interesting yet unsurprising that people are more motivated by financial factors rather than the health benefits of exercise. We believe that part of the challenge is that, when it comes to weight loss and exercise, the results aren't always finite and easy to observe. Looking back at the study, it is satisfying and not insurmountable to complete a physical task, check a box, and relax. But being on one's own to create and maintain a fitness plan can be overwhelming and difficult to maintain, especially when unexpected stressors and events threaten the balance of routine.

At Dr. Feiz & Associates,we fully understand the power and value of exercise. That is why, when our patients come to us for bariatric surgery services, our dedicated dietitian may recommend exercise or yoga routines for patients as part of our comprehensive post-op follow-up program. Ultimately, for people struggling to reduce the impact of severe obesity, bariatric surgery may be the best solution.

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