Friday, June 24, 2016

Keep on Truckin': One Man's Weight Loss Journey

Just this year, loving husband and devoted father, Lorne Johnson made one of the most important decisions of his life. Prior to his weight loss surgery with Dr. Feiz on May 20th, 2016, Lorne Johnson was worried that his weight might keep him from being around for his family further down the road. Lorne didn't specifically suffer any health issues prior to the surgery, however, he knew he had to make some changes now or deal with complications in the future.

Before this point, Lorne was very discouraged and wasn't sure whether weight loss surgery was right for him. He had struggled with his weight his entire life and even though he was able to lose weight without surgery before, Lorne had trouble keeping it off.

"I'm tired of being the big guy in the's time for me," he said. So with that in mind, Lorne Johnson made an appointment with Dr. Feiz. Upon meeting him, Lorne knew that he had made the right choice. "His team made a huge difference in my life," he said. He liked the fact that Dr. Feiz was friendly, approachable and immediately treated him "like family."

After undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, Lorne was able to notice the difference in the way he looked and felt in the first couple of weeks. Today, weighing in at 272 pounds only a few short weeks after his procedure, Lorne lost a whopping 32 pounds. He couldn't believe how fast he was losing the weight.

A constantly on the move truck driver living in San Jacinto, CA,  Lorne Johnson says that he greatly values the time he gets to spend with his beloved family. Intriguingly, one of his many passions includes cooking. Coming from a large Italian family, Lorne was always surrounded by wholesome, homemade food. However, undergoing the weight loss surgery didn't diminish his passion and love for food. Lorne loves to cook, and after having his the surgery, he understands that he has a greater responsibility to his health than ever before. He continues to experiment with healthy food ingredients in the kitchen and shares his delicious home-cooked meals with his family today.

"My goal weight is 210 or 200," says Lorne. He still has a little ways to go but he is very excited for the future.

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