Monday, July 23, 2012

Italian Doctor Puts His Faith in Gastric Bypass

A 10-year study out of Naples, Italy, suggests that long-term weight loss results from gastric bypass are "statistically superior" to those of gastric banding. This small-scale study out of San Giovanni Bosco Hospital offered that lap band patients had a mean loss of excess body weight of 46%, while gastric bypass patients had one of 69%. While, yes, gastric bypass has been more effective here, we should not forget that both of these results are incredible and these patients have begun to live healthier lives, regardless of their numerical weight loss.

That being said, gastric bypass isn't always the appropriate bariatric surgery for everyone. Your weight loss surgery needs to be customized for your specific goals and health concerns. Also, some surgeries inherently come with more complications, so lesser-invasive procedures (such as a sleeve gastrectomy) should be considered for those with severe health issues. Dr. Feiz and his associates are available to answer your questions about any type of bariatric surgery, so come to them to discuss your options.


  1. My insurance company doesn't cover the sleeve. Blue C/Blue S. Why do you think that is? Is the procedure more dangerous?

    1. It really depends on the insurance and the person's individual case. Could be many factors, including that it's a newer procedure (first performed in the late 1980s, as opposed to the late 1960s for gastric bypass).