Friday, July 13, 2012

Obesity and Polyps: Another Cancer Link

According to a brand new release by the National Cancer Institute, overweight people are more likely to develop colon polyps. The incidence of polyps among obese patients was 22% versus 19% in slimmer people. Avoiding polyps is no reason to turn to bariatric surgery on its own, but as a component of the larger tapestry of hazards that weight loss can help you dodge it is worth consideration.

Also known as adenomas, polyps are bundles of cells that bunch together and start to grow outward from the lining of a patient's colon. Significantly, most colon cancers are thought to develop from the tissues in colon polyps. Less than ten percent of polyps actually turn cancerous, but it's food for thought. Sleeve gastrectomy and other operations are a serious matter but remaining obese is a serious condition.

After recent revelations about increased risk of other types of cancer, this is just another of the myriad ways in which obesity can potentially shorten a person's life. Weight loss in Los Angeles is always the right move for your health; this is just one more reason.

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