Friday, July 6, 2012

Study says bariatric surgery has healthy implications for patient's family members, too

As more and more people have bariatric surgery, scientists discover unexpected positive effects of the procedure. Since late last year, studies have been released supporting the idea that family members of people who received bariatric surgeries have also lost weight. These surgeries, whether it be a gastric sleeve or a lap band, from Dr. Feiz & Associates are about taking control of your health and it's good to see that they have greater, favorable consequences.

This rippling of weight loss to spouses and children is attributed to many factors. Firstly, surgeons like Dr. Feiz offer diet and lifestyle counseling before and after surgeries. This acts as valuable education, giving patients important information in order to reevaluate their relationship with food. Also, family members tend to support the patient after surgery in healthy ways. Either families will all start walking or exercising together or they remove all the junk food from the house, which has a positive outcome for the familial unit as a whole. Finally, especially when the person receiving the surgery is the primary purchaser and maker of food, meals in these household just get healthier overall.

Bariatric surgeries, of course, should be the last resort for obese patients needing drastic weight loss. Nonetheless, it can be an affirming step for many people (and their loved ones) to reclaim their lives.


  1. Since I had my lap band surgery on June 27th, my mom has been really careful as to what she's been eating too. And she's thin.