Friday, January 4, 2013

Patients Develop Healthy Habits During the Post-Surgery Diet

Those who are not familiar with bariatric surgery speculate that once a person undergoes the gastric sleeve surgery, he or she won’t receive adequate nutrition, not only in the first weeks, but into the future. When the patient follows the advice of Dr. Feiz & Associates, he or she will glean all of the necessary nutrients during the post-surgery diet. The dietary directions given by our clinic aren’t just provided to aid a person during the recovery period - or to be a source of frustration - but to recondition the patient so they are not prone to emotional eating or poor dietary choices in the long-run. It’s really about developing healthy habits.

There is definitely a methodology to the post-surgery diet. Dr. Feiz advises the patient to stick with clear fluids for a portion of time, like Jello or diluted juices. Next, the patient is instructed to move on to soft foods. This includes pureed meats, fruits, and vegetables, as well as soups. While puree is not the most exciting texture, proteins and greens must be consumed this way for easy digestion. When the time is right, Dr. Feiz instructs the patient to move on to solid food, with caloric guidelines in place. At this stage, the patient develops a new favorite-foods list and recipe catalog, truly understanding that food can be healthy and delicious.

Postponing gratification in this way benefits our patients for years to come. Remember, sleeve gastrectomy reduces the physical hunger instinct, but it does not clear the patient of bad eating habits. The patient literally restructures the way he or she thinks about food during the post-surgery diet with Dr. Feiz and his staff as a resource at every step.

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