Friday, January 18, 2013

Band-to-Sleeve Conversions are Expertly Performed by Dr. Feiz

By now, many of our patients and followers have read about our January Patient Ambassadors, sisters Stacy and Robyn Harris. Both received bariatric surgeries from Dr. Feiz in the recent past. Today, both have reached their weight loss goal, with Stacy losing approximately 85 pounds and Robyn losing about 45 pounds. Congratulations, Harris sisters!

Both patients received gastric sleeve surgeries, but more specifically, Stacy Harris' 2011 surgery with Dr. Feiz was a lap band to sleeve conversion. Several years ago, Stacy received the FDA approved lap band, but in later years, she felt that sleeve gastrectomy was her real weight loss solution. It takes a highly knowledgeable and extremely skilled surgeon to complete the band-to-sleeve revision operation. There is the possibility that scar tissue is present as a result of the band or the chance that the band has eroded over the course of time. Sleeve gastrectomy is offered as a solution to this erosion, and ultimately, for the patient’s permanent weight loss. Bariatric expert Dr. Feiz has performed many successful band-to-sleeve surgeries for patients like Stacy. She and other band-to-sleeve recipients now experience extreme success with gastic sleeve.

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