Friday, January 25, 2013

Some Bariatric Surgery-Safe Soups

It's been unpleasant the past few days here in Los Angeles: chilly and rainy. As opposed to discussing the latest news about bariatric surgery, we here at Dr. Feiz and Associates will just share a few recipes for some weight loss surgery-friendly soups to get you through this wintery (for California) weekend.

A great recipe, full of vegetables and a lot of protein. Quinoa is a favorite here for sure. Make sure you're ready for solids and tomatoes before partaking, though.

An easier recipe that can be tailored for those who are past the soft-food stage. Pear and butternut squash (which is seasonal right now) sound like an intriguing combination, for sure.

Lentils, full of fiber and protein, are a staple for many patients after bariatric surgery. Feel free to puree this for easier digestion. This is also OK to share with vegetarians!

Helping patients make the correct dietary choices after a weight loss operation—whether it be lap band or gastric sleeve surgery—is an incredibly important part of Dr. Feiz's job. He ensures that every patient who has a question about their new body, whether it's a small question about food or a major health concern, has it answered. That way, none of Dr. Feiz's patients feel alone during their journey for weight loss in Los Angeles. Call Dr. Feiz and Associates today at 310-817-6911 to discuss bariatric surgery options during a free consultation.

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