Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Creative Ways to Assist Weight Loss

Patients will come to the office of Michael Feiz, MD, FACS looking to reclaim their health through weight loss surgery. These people have tried everything, including diet and exercise, to no avail. In fact, one of the requirements for a bariatric surgery is that the patient has tried to lose weight in other ways. Once approved for a surgery like the sleeve gastrectomy or lap band, the journey begins for Dr. Feiz' patients. Here are three creative ways to lose weight that can help promote the effects of a weight loss procedure:

Money for weight loss.

Cash incentive, especially when shared by groups, have been shown to help weight loss, as shown by a University of Pennsylvania study. Many groups of friends or coworkers have also found success through diet pools, where those who keep their fitness commitment win a collective pot.

Weight loss apps.

A recent UK NHS study showed that overweight users of a smartphone app lost three times as much weight as paper diary users. The app used kept track of caloric intake, exercise, and sent weekly updates to users. This doesn't surprise us; knowledge and keeping notes always helps weight loss and using something we have on us all the time anyway makes the process easier (the study said that paper diary users only wrote in their journals about once a week, compared to every other day for the app users).

Hula hoop as exercise.

Kelly Osbourne recently attributed part of her weight loss to having a girls night in where they all exercise through a hula hoop workout. Not only is this an incredibly aerobic and midsection workout; it also brings some fun back into exercise. Find something you enjoy doing—no matter how silly—that counts as a workout and find the joy in exercise again!

Dr. Feiz understands that weight loss doesn't just magically happen after a bariatric surgery; it takes hard work and commitment to a nutrient-rich diet. Plus, a patient's weight loss, while rapid at first, must be confidently maintained and improved on through this dedication. Dr. Feiz keeps tabs on his patients throughout the post-surgical time period, making sure they are losing weight, maintaining healthy habits, and staying aware of their psychological health. To go on this journey with Dr. Feiz and his fantastic team, call 310-817-6911 today to schedule a free consultation.

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