Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Research Shows How Weight Loss Surgery Changes Fattening Microbes in the Stomach to Slimming Ones

As experts on weight loss in Los Angeles, we're always on the look out for new stories about life-changing weight loss procedures, and this news article out of Connecticut certainly caught our eye.

The story from the Stamford Advocate follows Anthony Accino, a Stamford, Connecticut man who once reached a high of 315 lbs. After undergoing gastric sleeve surgery a little over a year ago, Accino reached his goal weight of 215 lbs, a full 100 lbs less than his heaviest weight.

The story also includes quotes from staff members of the Stamford Hospital Center for Surgical Weight Loss. Dr. Daniel Davis, the center's director of bariatric surgery, said the number of people choosing bariatric weight loss surgery has grown in recent years thanks to less-invasive laparascopic surgical techniques requiring smaller incisions that limit pain and recovery time. Davis says the increase has also been partly linked to a gradual change in which employers have added insurance coverage for the procedures as an effective way to improve the health of overweight workers. "What we hope will happen is with more data about the impact of the surgery that more and more employees will realize that they will have employees who are healthier and absent less," he said.

Dr. Anna Freitag, medical director for the hospital's Diabetes and Endocrine Center and president of the Fairfield County American Diabetes Association said she has seen bariatric surgery procedures help diabetes patients who could not control their weight through dieting and exercising alone.

Freitag said she has seen a trend of more newly diagnosed diabetes patients  in their 30s and 40s come to the hospital. Many of these patients have developed the disease because of their genetic predisposition being aggravated by poor diets and excessive eating.

At Dr. Feiz and Associates, we commend the work being done by the medical professionals at the center as well as the discipline among patients. By continuing to encourage positive dietary and fitness habits in addition to any necessary surgical weight loss solutions, we may be able to make a significant difference in the fight against obesity and diabetes in the U.S.

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