Monday, April 29, 2013

It’s Callie!

Callie Pre-Weight Loss Surgery at Video Shoot
Hi everyone! I am Callie Ellis and I will be in real life blogging about fingers-crossed, my soon to happen bariatric/weight loss surgery with Dr. Feiz. If you are reading this blog, then you know how amazing Dr. Feiz is and that you would do anything for him so when he asked me to live blog my weight loss journey, I happily said YES!

Friday, April , I went to a gorgeous house in SoCal to shoot a video about why I decided to have weight loss/ bariatric surgery. Look out for it, should be up soon! Here are some behind the scenes pictures. It was great to meet other patients who have had weight loss/bariatric surgery with Dr. Feiz and see their amazing weight loss results. 

Rocio and I after our endoscopy procedure Wednesday  4/24
As part of my insurance requirements for bariatric surgery, I need to have three months nutrition documented and, trust me, I have years upon years.  I went to a weight loss clinic in TJ (Tijuana, MX for non California peeps)  for six months which my insurance said would qualify but I needed to pick up the paperwork. So that is what I did this past Monday.  Wednesday, I had my Upper GI endoscopy with my partner in crime, Rocio, who is also having bariatric surgery with Dr. Feiz. I am so ready to have gastric sleeve and start my new Path For Life!  

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