Monday, June 24, 2013

Bariatric Surgery May Become Acceptable for Moderately Obese

More and more information is becoming available on bariatric procedure, especially as obesity-related research continues to gain in popularity. Dr. Michael Feiz, weight loss surgeon known for operations like the gastric sleeve and lap band in Los Angeles, keeps his ear on the ground when it comes to these developments. Knowing the recent news on bariatric surgery allows Dr. Feiz to offer more comprehensive health care to his patients, especially when they are undecided between different weight loss procedures.

One recent study was done on whether weight loss procedures could be effective for patients with lower BMIs. Usually performed on people with BMIs over 40, the study discussed those with BMIs over 35 and an obesity-related condition such as diabetes. It, like many other studies coming out of hospitals and universities around the world, revealed that weight loss surgeries like the sleeve gastrectomy alleviates factors like type to diabetes, high blood pressure high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and more. Dr. Feiz strongly believes in bartiatric surgery as a tool for bettering the health of his patients.

Research on post-bariatric patients may even prevent surgery in the future. Scientists study how the body changes after a weight loss surgery and then they try to figure out how to copy those results chemically. For example, the gastric sleeve reduces the production of the hormone that causes hunger by removing part of the stomach, but tests have also shown that gene expression changes after surgeries as well. Scientists can eventually figure out how to chemically reproduce these effects and reduce this hormone, known as ghrelin, through medication or other ways. Dr. Feiz places his faith in these scientific innovations and can't wait to offer them once they become reality.

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